Pearl Counseling Associates (PCA) is an association of independent Christian practitioners who function as a multidimensional counseling team. PCA represents a broad range of clinical experience and expertise which includes individual, couple, family, children, and group therapies. The associates of PCA share a common faith and trust in Jesus Christ and the infallibility of the Bible. The focus of PCA is healing of the distressed life and the troubled soul through the healthy integration of spirituality, theology, relational principles, and clinical excellence.

Carole Anderson

Phone: 253.752.1860 X348

Karen Bream

Phone: 253.752.1860 X329

Scarlet Cramer

Phone: 253.752.1860 X354

Phil Dyck

Phone: 253.752.1860 X351

Shonna Porter

Phone: 253.752.1860 X323

Jeanette Scott

Phone: 253.752.1860 X346

Mike Smith

Phone: 253.752.1860 X327

Jim Williams

Phone: 253.752.1860 X350

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